About Deep Coaching Institute

BCPphoto2014_415x310pxThe Deep Coaching Institute (DCI) is an advanced coach training school founded in 2007 by Roxanne Howe-Murphy. We have organically grown into a rich community of faculty, mentors, graduates and students spanning globally across the US, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, England, Australia, Ecuador and other countries.

Our proprietary methodology is highly experiential and uses a presence based approach to the Enneagram. As the first Enneagram Coaching school recognized by the IEA, today we are both IEA accredited and ICF approved. Our students receive a rich experience both in terms of their own personal development and with the tools, models and presence they bring to their client relationships.

We are also a deeply cohesive and supportive learning community. This community is a natural outgrowth of our shared DCI experience, our shared values of compassion toward self and others, accessing the wisdom of our deeper intelligence, living an awakened life, and having a commitment to our collective mission of “being a force for positive change, one coach at a time.”

In addition to our nine-month Deep Coaching Certification (DCC) program, we offer a variety of Special Topic and Mastery courses. All of our programs and courses benefit experienced executive coaches, organizational development professionals, life coaches, therapists, spiritual directors and various experienced growth-oriented professionals.


Deep Coaching, by Roxanne Howe-Murphy


Deep Living, by Roxanne Howe-Murphy