Deep Coaching Institute Philosophy

Deep Coaching Institute uses an Enneagram-Based approach to the Practice of Presence to promote more expansive states of being, thinking and acting. Our approach to transformation and change entails fostering a state of enhanced engagement with ourselves and the world around us. In this way we are free to have a direct experience of reality, free from our stories, fears, habitual patterns, emotional reactions, and other constrictions that bias our experiences. Having experienced this change in ourselves and witnessed it in our clients and students, we know it is possible. And, with the right tools and capacities, it happens faster than one might expect.

What is Presence?

Presence entails experiencing the fullness of what is happening in the moment, both in and around us. While this may sound simple, it’s difficult because our minds are conditioned to monkey around, bouncing from idea to idea, worrying, planning, and brooding. To develop the capacity for presence, we literally need to build new neural networks and rewire our brains!
There are many wonderful tools available to foster Presence, and at DCI we use many of them. We also rely heavily on insights from the Three Centers of Intelligence: the clear-headedness of the Thinking Center; the open-heartedness of the Feeling Center; and the groundedness of the Instinctive Center. When we are not using our Three intelligences properly, when they are overused, or underused, or blocked, we are susceptible to a habitual experience of ourselves and what’s going on around us. We are not fully here. Rather we are distracted by the activity of our automatic patterns, preventing us from really feeling, thinking and being in our bodies and experiencing reality as it unfolds moment by moment. Working with these Centers – learning their languages and acquiring new practices to deepen our contact with them – provides a fast and powerful way to build presence.

What is Our Approach to Working with the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a rich tool offering immense visibility into tendencies that often unconsciously drive us and color our experience of reality. Often misused as a ‘personality tool’ that teaches us how to interact more effectively with different personalities, the real wisdom of the Enneagram involves seeing and detaching from our subtle but powerful personality tendencies. It is only when we learn to attune to our internal experience – a capacity we’re not often taught in today’s world – that we begin the journey from constriction to expansion. The Enneagram provides a map for becoming better acquainted with our inner world while devising strategies for unhinging from tendencies that may be familiar and comfortable, but hold us back from engaging with our ‘best self.’ Each type has virtues and strengths that are not accessible (or often even perceivable) while we are under the trance of our personality. DCI’s approach to the Enneagram uses this map to unveil the deeper truth, power, compassion and fulfillment that is our birthright.