The Enneagram

The Enneagram provides a powerful framework for accelerating self-knowledge, for releasing human suffering; for living life with more awareness, flexibility and effectiveness; and for experiencing the expansiveness and liberation of our spirit. Through the Enneagram, we discover that we have always held the key to that which we have been seeking.

The entry way to self-knowledge is through psychological insights related to personality. Psychological awareness leads to profound universal spiritual awakening. Sacred psychology, the integration of psychology and spirituality, keeps us grounded in the Present while simultaneously acknowledging the mysteries of life.

The Symbol

The Enneagram Symbol

The Enneagram symbol itself is ancient. Nine points are delineated along a circle, each point connected to other points by lines, indicating a dynamic flow and interrelationship among the points which reflects the change inherent in life. Each point represents a particular personality type (orientation) with its own internal blueprint, inner commentary, and perception of self and of the external world.

Each point also represents a specific connection to that which is still, spacious and eternal within-that which is beyond the limitations of the personality.

Through the Enneagram, we can come Home to ourselves, and bring our clients into deeper contact with their Essential Gifts and Eternal Nature.