Requirements* – Before You Begin the Program and During Program

If you are called to the Deep Coaching Certification Program, we have found that the following foundation will make the experience a richer one for you:

* That you know enough about the Enneagram to have a sense of your own Enneagram type;
* That you have had basic instruction in the Enneagram. Include this information on your Application Form;
* That your work experience has helped prepare you personally and/or professionally to be in a program that will enhance your ability to coach others;
* That you have read one of Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s books, Deep Coaching or Deep Living, to get a sense of our approach to coaching.

Coaching Requirement – During Program

A minimum of 10 individual coaching sessions, with an approved Deep Coaching Certified (DC) coach, are required during the course of the program (12 is strongly recommended). You will pay the coach separately and at a rate set by the individual coach. Most DC coaches offer a discounted rate which is in the range of $100 – 150/hour for the time you are in the program. Details on how to choose a coach will be shared early in the DCC program. Please contact for more information.

*If you are interested in applying to the program, and are uncertain you can meet these requirements, please send an email to We can help you determine if your background and this program are a good match. It is possible we will offer recommendations to help you further prepare for entering the program.