Mastery Courses*

* Mastery Courses are for DCC Graduates Only

Deep Coaching Professional Development Series

An advanced course for DCC graduates to further explore the often subtle and intricate dynamics of coaching as practitioners of an Enneagram-Based Approach to the Practice of Presence. Participants have the opportunity to refine their understanding and use of the Enneagram to enhance their Deep Coaching skills. Offered in a small group, each graduate will coach and be coached, receiving feedback from peers and the supervising faculty member. Some DCI meta-teaching will also be reviewed.

Because of the small group and intimate nature of these courses, those graduates interested in registering are committing to attending each session (unless there is an emergency).

Faculty: Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

Format: Four (or five) monthly virtual sessions lasting 2.5 hours. All sessions start at 8:30AM PDT.

Winter-Spring 2018 Group/Session Dates:

  1. Group One:
    1. January 17
    2. March 14
    3. April 4
    4. May 2
  2. Group Two:
    1. January 10
    2. February 14
    3. March 21
    4. April 11
    5. May 9


  • Group One:  $480. Click here to register for this course.
  • Group Two:  $600. Click here to register for this course.