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DCI welcomes the Spring 2017 DCC Cohort – Now Graduates


Below are the names, locations and professional focus of our newest cohort of DCC graduates:

Lauren Streb: San Francisco Bay Area; Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, helping women leaders develop confidence in their natural leadership style.
Nicola Campbell: Auckland, New Zealand – Leadership coach and mentor of individuals and groups. Spirited Leadership and Leadership New Zealand Program Lead.
Nancy Foster: San Francisco Bay Area; Deep coach, mediator and attorney. Coaching people in any kind of transition (career, relationship, health) including lawyers and other professionals wanting to make a paradigm shift in their practice.
Carla van Stralen: The Netherlands; Feminine Leadership Coach

Special thank you to Karen Van Zino for the wisdom and support she provided to these women in the role of Senior Mentor!!

Pictures are from Left to Right:
1) The Building Coaching Presence Retreat at Westerbeke in Sonoma, CA,
2) Waiting for Thursday night’s dinner at The Love Apple restaurant in Taos, NM, and
3) From Mabel Dodge Luhan House as part of the ICP in Taos, NM.


DCI Introduction to Deep Coaching Course Participants


DCI was very proud to collaborate with Diana Redmond and Marcia Hyatt on a new Course: “Introduction to Deep Coaching”. The Two-Day live retreat was designed to introduce coaches, and others in growth professions, to Deep Coaching as a methodology for transformative change. The course was held in Marin County California toward the end of September. Evaluations extolled the virtues of the course content, approach to the subject, and the magic of our two instructors Diana and Marcia.


Beth Johnson Lands New Position in Washington State

From Beth: “I have landed at Eastern Washington University as Associate Vice President for Philanthropy. I am beyond jazzed! Also, as of February 4th (2017) I will have a new PERMANENT snail mail address: 731 S. Garfield Street, Apt. 2, Spokane, WA 99202-5089.”


Meet Our Newest DCC Graduates

Spring 2016 Cohort at MDLH Fall 2016

Below are the names, locations and professional focus of our newest cohort of DCC graduates:

Deb Presser:  Sandusky, OH; Coaching people in transition (career, relationship); people with sexual identity issues; and women currently in/ considering leaving or having left Religious Community /Congregation.

Christine Landon: San Francisco Bay Area; Learning and Development Executive at Technology Company

Jill DePompei-Morales: San Francisco Bay Area; Executive Coach

Kristin McGeary: Greater Denver Area; Executive Coach and Yoga Instructor

Mark Drax: London, UK; working in the field of addiction as an Addiction Recovery Coach. Helping individuals and groups explore years of dysfunctional behaviors left over from traumatic and abusive childhoods.

Roland Legge:  Yorkton Saskatchewan, Canada; Coaching for:  Individuals, Couples, Families, Small businesses and Non-Profits

We also want to recognize DCC graduates Marcia Hyatt and Devon Carter for their tireless efforts to support this group in the role of Senior Mentors. Thank you Marcia and Devon!!!!


Ipek Serifsoy Publishes “Tending to Our Heart’s Wisdom” 11-2016

Throughout history the heart as been valued as our moral compass, the residence of our soul, the source of all knowledge, and the knower of true love. It has many dimensions, some of which we’ll explore in this article. It is the only organ that when removed, or stops beating, we die instantly. It is the place we are most vulnerable. Not only because we die when our heart isn’t working, but feeling love makes us susceptible to having our heart broken, to experiencing pain and suffering. It can be messy! Yet having an open heart and feeling love is also the source of our enthusiasm, passion and joy! Our ability to feel awe and wonder …..

Click here to read the entire article.


Roxanne Howe-Murphy Interview with Amiel Handelsman 11-2016

Roxanne shared the following with us:  “Due to the recent shock waves going through our lives, Amiel asked if I would be interested in shifting the subject from using the Enneagram in coaching to this topic: how we can use the lens of the Enneagram to help illuminate and provide understanding and guidance in the context of the U.S. election results.”

Click to listen to the interview:  Interview


Welcoming Our New Cohort – Spring 2016!


Hi Everyone,

In April we completed the BCP Retreat with our amazing new cohort! We have a wonderfully diverse group of folks.

Please join me in welcoming these beautiful souls into our community: Jill DePompei-Morales, Jim DiFalco, Mark Drax, Christine Landon, Roland Legge, Kristin McGeary and Deb Presser.



Meet Our Newest DCC Graduates


From our Fall, 2015 Cohort: Renee Dineen, Kim Jellicoe, Roger Jellicoe, Tracy Keenan, Kate Miller, Russell Mitchell-Wlaker, Carla Whippy.


Introducing Our New President,
Ipek Serifsoy, PH.D.

Ipek Serifsoy


When I read Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s first book Deep Coaching in 2007, I could not have imagined that one day we would work together to provide advanced coach training. Rather, I was simply grateful to have come across a book that approached the Enneagram with the integrity I sought. Years later Roxanne published her second book, Deep Living, and this time I was hooked. Her message spoke directly to my heart and soul, propelling me to immediately enroll in the next Deep Coaching Certification program.

Now here we are at yet another crucial moment.

The opportunity recently arose to step into the role of President of the Deep Coaching Institute and I felt a resounding pull to say YES! While my career ‘plans’ never entailed leadership of a coaching school I knew Life was up to its mysterious workings…so I took a big breath and plunged in. It is now with deep reverence and joy that I embark upon this quest, of stewarding DCI into the next phase of its journey. To fill out our wonderful leadership team are Roxanne, Belinda Gore and Diana Redmond–all who have served as leaders and faculty over the early years. They are staying on as active partners, and will be working with our new managing director, Jim DiFalco.

Given the profoundly transformative personal experience I had as a Deep Coaching student, the almost immediate ways I was able to apply my learnings with clients, and the congruence between my values and sense of mission with those of DCI, it makes perfect sense that our paths would become deeply intertwined. The Deep Coaching Institute is so much more than a coach training school. It is also a robust cohesive community of professionals committed to living authentically and with a strong sense of mission: “to be a force for positive change, one coach at a time”. Our curriculum and program offerings, while incredibly rich and powerful, are part of a larger system of support. We see ourselves as a social entrepreneurship engaged in fostering a positive consciousness shift. As such we are experimenting with innovative business models that enable our community to collectively thrive while making a positive difference in the world. I have to frequently pinch myself that I have the honor of stewarding such an endeavor!!

Our intent is to grow by attracting people who feel involvement with DCI is right for them now. Whether you are a potential student, business partner, or another type of colleague, we are excited to join forces with you as a kindred spirit who resonates with our approach and mission. We invite you to consider what being part of our community might mean for you.

With much love,


DCI Faculty Member, Belinda Gore, Published in Enneagram Monthly

DCI is very excited to see our own faculty member, Belinda Gore, published in the April, 2015 edition of Enneagram Monthly (www.enneagram-monthly.com).  Belinda’s article “Moving Up the Levels of Development” approaches the Levels of the Enneagram as a developmental map and aligns it with the development of cultural groups from the perspective of Spiral Dynamics. She clarifies our orientation that maturation is a natural process but one that can, for many reasons, be disrupted. Our role in coaching is to assist in removing the obstacles to this natural flow.
Click the image to see the entire article.


DCI Communicates with IEA Membership, Spring 2015

DCI sent an email message to all members of the International Enneagram Association inviting members to learn more about DCI’s Deep Coaching Certification program (DCC). The message encouraged prospective students to review the DCC program, and to participate in the next Information Call with Faculty.
Click the image to see the entire email message.


DCI Gathering at Deep Living Retreat, April 2015


Roxanne Howe-Murphy recently sponsored a Deep Living retreat at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA. The retreat was well attended by many in the DCI community, including our new President, Ipek. A photo from the retreat is posted here.  Prior to the gathering, several DCI community members gathered at Irma Velasquez’s home for a delicious meal and rich conversation.


Object Relations I Class, June 2015

Join Belinda Gore for a six week advanced course in Object Relations.  This is an opportunity to extend your learning to include practice in how to use the theory of Object Relations and the Enneagram with your clients.  Additional information, including a brochure, can be found on the Mastery Courses page.


Information Call with DCC Faculty and Graduates

To learn more about DCI and the Deep Coaching Certification program (DCC) , join DCC faculty and recent graduates on the upcoming information conference call.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the DCC, listen to questions posed by other interested students, and hear about the impact the DCC program has had on recent graduates. For the date and time of the next call, and to sign-up for the call, please click here.