DCC: Application

Letters of Recommendation Guidelines

DCI’s Application Review Team uses the Letters of Recommendation to get to know applicants through the eyes of someone who knows them well, either personally or professionally. Applicants usually reach out to colleagues from any of these settings: work, clients, volunteer organizations, community, etc. These are people they trust to share a fair and honest appraisal of the applicant and her/his potential fit with the program. When seeking a person to write a Letter of Recommendation, applicants have included snippets of the program(s) they are planning to attend. For example, some applicants have included information on the Certification Program when they requested a reference. (A link to the DCC information is here). 

Letters we have received in the past have included the following (all personal information is removed):

  • “[Candidate] is the rare type of individual who possesses both a kind, compassionate heart and keen intellect. She brings a rare combination of determination, care, and curiosity [to her work].”
  • “He knows what it is to do the deep work of getting to know and accept oneself and to set challenging personal development goals and go to work on them.  This comes through in the compassion, generosity, and kindness she displays with his clients and friends.”
  • “[Applicant] is consistently conscientious and will ‘get the job done’ on time or ahead of schedule with steely attention to detail. At the same time, she is deeply sensitive and keenly aware of how interpersonal contact supports – or undermines – authentic relationships and successful leadership.”
  • “… has been a tremendous asset to our team and I thoroughly enjoyed working closely with her. I have gotten to know [Applicant] at both a professional and personal level. She is extremely dependable, hard-working, and has an impressive follow-through. She is the driving force behind keeping the team focused and ensures that critical topics and/or issues are appropriately addressed in timely manner.”
  • “She is very passionate about coaching and the Enneagram, and has passed her passions to her colleagues at [place of work]. I admire her integrity and honesty throughout her professional roles.”
  • “I have witnessed firsthand the power of [Applicant]’s capabilities as a coach and educator. To see him work with folks from a place of grace, dignity, and caring is a marvel. He truly has a gift for uncovering people’s essential truth and helping them to act on it. Furthermore, his passion for the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness and personal change I see as a major motivator for him. I know he will approach this as an amazing learning experience from a place of humility and deep curiosity.”
  • [Applicant] values learning, personal growth and development, and has a strong curiosity about people and how best to support them. I am aware of [Applicant]’s extensive experience with the Enneagram and her eagerness to learn more about it to better support those around her. All of these qualities would enable [Applicant] to gain a lot from the DCC program”.