“Everyone needs the patient understanding and gentle prompts that Keady can give them. I’ve done every sort of personality typing at work, some multiple times, and while they always give some insight and a momentary elevated experience with myself and interactions with others, the Enneagram truly gives lasting insights into how and why we behave the way we do. Keady’s open mind and astute listening skills led her to really understand me and what makes me tick. She was able to apply the Enneagram typing to help me see the “why” to my actions. She took me to the uncomfortable places in an environment of trust and those led to some breakthrough realizations. One example is my unrealistic expectations I put on myself. Another is the pure pleasure in giving myself permission to just “BE” in the moment. I feel much freer to let go of the control that hinders me and my relationships. I look forward to big life changes that are coming. And I continue to live life with curiosity – thank you, Keady!”


Keady Phelan is a highly intuitive career and leadership coach who draws on over 25 years as a corporate leader, manager and coach who will support you in unleashing your highest potential. Her experience with the enneagram, somatic, meditation, songwriting and yoga practices assist you in exploring your internal terrain in a unique and powerful way. She’ll help shine light on the path to transformation through loosening long-held beliefs, patterns and behaviors that have kept you stuck.

Keady most often works with individuals and leaders who are longing to feel more connected in their work and their life. Her clients are often asking themselves what they really want and whether they are currently experiencing this professionally and personally.

Are you ready to take the steps that will change your life? Keady will:

  • Provide the safe space you need to do the healing work
  • Guide you in cultivating the awareness you need for the changes you crave
  • Express in a way that helps you discover your authentic self
  • Help you access your deeper intelligence and intuition
  • Help you connect to your life and work more deeply
  • Help you understand your deepest desires
  • Become the leader you know you can be

She creates a safe space where clients learn new ways of accessing thoughts, feelings, emotions, and to take action with authentic expression.

Keady’s passion for creating a world where all people thrive within their true nature is matched only by her love for her doggy, creating music, and doing anything that takes her outdoors.



  • Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, area of concentration Human Movement Studies, San Francisco State University

Certifications and Assessments:

  • Certified Deep Coaching Professional
  • Leadership Circle Profile (360 feedback)
  • Collective Leadership Assessment

Contact Information

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA