“I came to coaching because I was going through a career transition due to health considerations. Through Devon’s approach I learned to listen to myself more authentically and identify life-long patterns that had limited my perspective. As a result, I found a new, inspiring direction in my career! But the unexpected perk is that through my new self-awareness I’ve changed how I think about my health. That awareness has transformed my life! Devon has a gift for seeing all the way ‘in’ to what really matters!” – V. R., Filmmaker

Devon is a Life Leadership Coach who works with individuals, teams, groups and parents. She specializes in a presence based approach to embodied leadership principals drawing from an eclectic background. Devon is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She is a Certified Deep Coaching Professional through the Deep Coaching Institute. She is a Leadership Embodiment Associate Professional through Embodiment International. She is also a graduate of the Core Strengths Positive Psychology Coaching program at San Francisco state. Additionally she has 35+ years of training and experience as a Somatic Therapist and teacher. Devon is known for her ability to synergize her diverse background into an individualized, action oriented approach, guiding her clients toward maximizing positive change both personally and professionally.

Devon’s coaching passion is in empowering her clients’ discovery of their own unique, practical tools for living life everyday with increased insight, alignment, vision and presence. She views the wisdom of the Enneagram as an essential growth tool for understanding how we filter our experiences creating the illusion that our inherent ‘wholeness’ is divided. As a coach it is her greatest joy to witness her clients deep fulfillment, as they rediscover their own intrinsic movement toward wholeness through applying the Enneagram as a tool for embodied awareness and presence. Coming home again to where they’ve always been! Here, now, embodied in this moment!

Areas of Expertise:

. Life Transitions Coaching ~ Individuals, or Groups

. Executive Leadership Coaching ~ Individuals, or Teams

. Leadership Embodiment Coaching~ Individuals, or Groups

. Enneagram Coaching / Consultations / Classes

“I was already a Coach and Somatic Therapist using the Enneagram when I came to DCI. I expected to gain more skill in blending the Enneagram in my work with others. What I received was a profound deepening of my ability to compassionately be with myself and others. I also gained a community that supports both my spiritual and professional paths. My Deep Coaching Certification is the galvanizing golden thread weaving together my personal growth path with my professional Life’s Work.” Devon Carter

Location: San Rafael, CA
Phone: (415) 457-8437
Skype: dwdolfin

Devon offers sessions via phone, Skype or at her office in San Rafael, CA.

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