Belinda Gore


Object Relations and the Enneagram Part Two

INSTRUCTOR: Belinda Gore
All sessions are virtual, last 1.5 hours and are recorded for later review.



Join Belinda Gore for a five week advanced virtual course in Object Relations – an opportunity to extend your learning to include practice in how to use the theory of Object Relations and the Enneagram with your clients.

“Belinda’s Object Relations II class was a fine example of heartfelt, depth, quality and relevancy to the immediacy of our lives that characterizes DCI instruction.”

This five session course includes:

  • Learning to recognize when an Object Relation pattern is activated.
  • Explaining pattern to clients in simple and understandable language.
  • Teaching clients to hold the tension of the pattern – learning to ALLOW the activation without acting on it.
  • Working with the disorientation that may occur when deeply embedded patterns diminish.
  • Practice exercises that include creating optional responses to support freedom and greater joy in life.

“The opportunity to dive deeper into the Dominant Affects, both for myself and on behalf of clients, was greatly appreciated. Stepping back and looking at how to develop inquiry exercises to work directly with Object Relations was powerful and instructive. As a result of this course, I have been able to create some elegant and gentle exercises to help clients gain an understanding of how deep these patterns run and how much they influence all areas of their life.”

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