Deep Coaching Certification Program

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The Deep Coaching Institute’s Deep Coaching Certification (DCC) program offers an advanced and unique in-depth learning opportunity. It is well suited for experienced coaching and organization development professionals who wish to offer an Enneagram-Based approach to the Practice of Presence to promote more expansive states of being, thinking and acting to clients. This nine-month, Four Part, program combines two live retreats, in-depth distance learning courses, and student partnering, with a highly valued five months of supervised fieldwork. All courses are approved by ICF (International Coaching Federation) and IEA (International Enneagram Association) for credentialing or continuing education credits.  Students can follow either the Cohort Track, and receive Certification in nine months, or the Independent Track and receive Certification in up to three years.  Independent Track students not interested in Certification, can take any of the Four Parts and receive ICF and IEA approved credits.

Our program is well-grounded in Enneagram and related conceptual knowledge, supported by heart intelligence and body intelligence. It is based on the eminently practical and profound nature of presence. Below is an outline of the courses that comprise the DCC program. Click here for the Spring 2016 DCC Schedule, or click here for the Spring 2017 DCC Schedule.  All virtual courses meet on Tuesday’s starting at 8:30AM PDT.  Duration is either 90 minutes or 120 minutes depending on the course. The links on the right will take you to the course descriptions. Applications for the Spring 2017 DCC (Independent Track and Cohort Track) are now being accepted. Click here for the application page.

The DCC’s curriculum is designed so each course builds on the experience and knowledge gained from the previous course. Weekly contact with faculty, mentors and colleagues throughout the program creates a learning environment that supports profound shifts personally and professionally. Below is a sample program timeline. Please note, the schedule for your specifc program may vary.




Human development professionals who have a foundational understanding of the Enneagram and who are drawn to meeting clients in the vast inner terrain, will benefit from the depth, focus, and small-group, experiential nature offered by the DCC program. Experienced coaches and organization development consultants and personnel are the ones who continue to fill the cohorts.

ICF Approved Coach Training | IEA Accredited Enneagram Coaching School

Frequently Asked Questions About the Deep Coaching Certification Program


Students of the Deep Coaching Certification Cohort Track finish the certification in nine months and pay $12,600 tuition which includes all instruction and materials, plus full room, board and meals at two week-long retreats.  Students of the Deep Coaching Certification Independent Track finish the certification in up to three years.  These students may pay more than Cohort Track students as course prices are subject to change over time. The current tuition for each course is posted here.