Deep Coaching Certification Program Testimonials

“This program combines a deep compassion for the human experience with tools and practices to alleviate the suffering of our clients. In the safe, loving container created by the instructors, I found that my own healing took place while my skills and confidence grew. Simply life changing.” Lauren Streb

“I entered the program as an experienced coach wanting to do a deep dive into the Enneagram and my own development as a coach. I was yearning for something new, some new input, feedback for me, something from outside my system. The investment has been worth it, my consciousness is shifting in all sorts of ways and so is my work. Very grateful!” Nicola Campbell, New Zealand

“I highly recommend the Deep Coaching Institutes program. It prepares you to help your clients to go deep into themselves to reveal their habits that are blocking them and to uncover their inner wisdom that will transform their lives. My life has been changed for the better as a person and as a professional coach.” Roland Legge, Canada

“This coaching program is powerful. It’s elegant, yet practical use of presence and the Enneagram make for a solid coaching foundation. Given my background in Psychology and Human Resources/ OD, I feel like it blends the best of all of those modalities. I have never been more curious and present.” Jill DePompei-Morales

“As a result of the immense capacity for compassion cultivated within the program, I can now hold and coach clients to the true essence of their being.” Katie Gay

“As an advanced coach, I was looking for something that would truly deepen me, and as a result, deepen the experience my clients have working with me. The program did just that and so much more.” Renée Dineen

“Deep sustainable change. That’s what I was looking for when I discovered the Deep Coaching program. It was an added bonus for me that this program specialized in the Enneagram as it was one of the tools that had already changed my life. The Deep Coaching program not only enhanced my skills as a coach but it taught me how to truly be intimate with myself, and with others.” Susana Fiona

“I was already a Coach and Somatic Therapist using the Enneagram when I came to DCI. I expected to gain more skill in blending the Enneagram in my work with others. What I received was a profound deepening of my ability to compassionately be with myself and others. I also gained a community that supports both my spiritual and professional paths. My Deep Coaching Certification is the galvanizing golden thread weaving together my personal growth path with my professional Life’s Work.” Devon Carter

“Integrating the elements of Deep Coaching into my practice has elevated it to a whole new level. On a daily basis, I’m witnessing clients reconnecting to their “authentic nature” and transforming their lives. It’s an honor to be a part of this process. The Deep Coaching Institute has played a pivotal role in enhancing my professional and personal life. I highly recommend the Deep Coaching Certification program,it will change the course of your life!” Melinda Neisser

“One of the great gifts of DCI Training is the focus on using the Enneagram to understand the human condition: the challenges, limitations and gifts of every personality type. This awareness has helped my clients accept themselves and grow in compassion for themselves and for others.” Bev Gaines

“DCI handed me the life I was meant to live: It enabled me to integrate my love for the profound wisdom of the Enneagram with my passion for Life Coaching.” Lara Heller

“I was already a CTI certified and experienced coach and extensively trained in the Enneagram when I took the DCI training program. Why another training program? Because I longed for a community and methodology built on the work I had been moving towards on my own- deep coaching with presence using the wisdom of the Enneagram. In DCI I found a home for my work and my soul.” Moira McCaskill,

“When I began the Deep Coaching program, I thought I was going to learn new ways to improve my coaching skills. What I found is that the Deep Coaching process really transformed who I am as an individual and coach, and while I developed new and refined skills as a coach, I was really transformed in my ability to see and hold my clients with compassion, curiosity, and authenticity.” Curt Micka

“Though previously aware of the Enneagram and presence-based work, the DCI experience markedly increased my access to the innate, dynamic wisdom of the three centers of intelligence – head, heart, belly. My capacity for presence and thus realization of my heart’s longing for inner experience of full, abundant life has been greatly enhanced. This embodied awareness and understanding significantly empowers me in my coaching work.” Samuel Schindler

“What did the DCI coaching program mean to me? One of the best experiences of my life – a journey I am extremely grateful for. An authentic pathway to total spiritual, physical and emotional healing and transformation. A process of awakening to my true and authentic self. I am also grateful for my cohorts and the wonderful life-long friends that I met through the DCI community. The support and special friendships that are formed through the DCI community is very unique and special. Thank you DCI for this gift!” Nelia Steyn, South Africa

“Being part of the DCI program was one of the most profoundly beautiful and transformational experiences of my life. I felt supported and challenged in my professional development and in my growth and development as a unique human soul. I felt all of me was welcomed; all my possibilities, perceived limitations, vibrancy, darkness, angst, longing, grief, strength, joy and sensitivity. DCI provided a safe and supportive space in which we could explore different ways of being in the world through study of the Enneagram and practicing Presence as a route to deeper self-knowledge and deeper meeting with others. The field of loving support that was created in the group enabled my soul to relax and I experienced a huge heart opening. Practicing the art of Deep Coaching both during the program and since has meant I now coach with greater wisdom, depth and heart.” Kate Manley, United Kingdom

“There was a innate calling for me to do the Deep Coaching Institute work. I knew there was a deeper truth to unfold. As I relaxed into the truth in me, I found exquisite strength with my capacity to hold the light and the dark and still be fully present. I stepped out of the DCI program with forward movement toward a vision of the next best version of me. I am grateful for my experience with DCI and my DCI teachers/mentors.” Pamela Johnson

“The training, support and guidance was amazing. This program changed my life forever!”